Last Sunday Tyler and I attended Mass at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Troy, and the experience was something completely bewildering.

First, the Mass shattered my image of what Christianity has meant to me in the past.

Second, the Mass was absolutely beautiful.

Third, I’ll be going back to attend Mass next Sunday, which is the First Sunday of Advent.

This blog will necessarily tie in with the Memoirs of My Religion at some point in time in the near future.

A few years ago, I attended Mass at a local Catholic parish. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed with the service; it was not very traditional, I feel highly uncomfortable the whole time, and I had absolutely no desire to return.

That was in a different era in my life, and perhaps at this point I would feel more comfortable were I to attend Mass there again.

But we won’t focus on that at the moment.

Rather, allow us to focus on the beauty of the Mass I attended this past Sunday.

The service was absolutely gorgeous, from beginning to end. The Presence of God was truly there in a way I have never known in Christianity; the Mass was solemn but friendly, High and stylish but full of a deep spiritual essence.

Naturally, the best part of the Mass was going to take Christ in the Holy Eucharist. This was the first time I had ever partaken of the Eucharist, and the walk up to the altar, the kneeling, and the accepting of the Body of our Lord and His Precious Blood was the single most complete mystical experience I’ve ever had. Truly, it was humbling, and it was quite real, real in a way that Christianity has never been for me.

I’ll reflect about the Holy Eucharist more later. Until then.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I originally wrote this blog a few days after attending Mass. I’ve now posted it a week later, after attending the Advent service as well. If time and energy so decree, I will necessarily post about the Advent Mass.