An interesting observation made itself known to me earlier yesterday concerning Holy Sophia and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

This observation is somewhat abstract, so please attempt to bear with me as I try to express it.

The basic pattern is this: Holy Sophia, who is an Aeon, an emanation or aspect of God and therefore Spirit, gives birth to the Demiurge and to Matter. The Demiurge causes the “Fall” of reality.

The Blessed Virgin Mary, who is human, gives birth to the Lord Jesus Christ, who is God and Man; He redeems the Matter that is the universe and triumphs over the Demiurge and Archons; Christ redeems reality and Creation from the Fall.

In this, the Blessed Virgin Mary reflects and corrects in the earthly realms what happened in the pleroma.

So, what we see is that SPIRIT gives birth to MATTER; MATTER gives birth to a fusion of SPIRIT and MATTER, whereby MATTER is REDEEMED (and returned) to the SPIRIT.

This is by no means an in-depth explanation, but it is something worth noting and has several implications psychologically and spiritually. More than anything, the connection struck me as an interesting one.