Okay, seriously, Father Jordan (somewhere one is supposed to put a plus sign in the names of people who hold rank in the Church, but I get confused with this; forgive me!) is one of the most articulate modern Gnostics out there. He is a formidable intellectual and a dedicated Priest. He’s kind-hearted, but if you were to step on his toes, he would, for lack of more appropriate words, bust your balls.

I’ll write my own thoughts on Gnosticism in here later on, but for the time-being, you can check out this blog entry and watch as the commonly held myths are dissolved and the reality comes to light.

10 Things Religious Pundits Need to Know about Gnosticism

Oh, and just in case, if Father Jordan were to read this: forgive my reposting without consulting you first, but this entry is just too good to not share.