Currently, I’m going through my iTunes library and deleting files.

My MacBook is an older model- the lowest end model from 2009, making it 120 Gig hard drive. Last year, I acquired a huge amount of music, and I now have about 30 Gigs left on it.

I also have the Sims 3 on my Mac- I could delete Sims 3 and free up 12 Gigs, no problem, but I plan to get around to playing it again at sometime in the near future.

As I go through the music, I see a complete change in heart of how I used to feel. Somehow, I like more music, more varieties of music, and identify with them in a deeper way, than I did when I was younger.

Now, I’m reluctant to part even with rap and country music. But this is for the sake of the greater good of my Mac.

Music is a good thing. I love it. I adore it. I embrace it. I celebrate it. Maybe I’m just in a good mood. There are certainly songs that play these days that I absolutely despise, songs that I will hear on the radio and immediately change the station.