So much for celebrating Post a Day 2011 on here. I thought I had posted a few nights ago, but apparently I had failed to post for a few different days in a row.

I’m also falling behind on my novel writing, but this week, I plan to catch up really quick.

To my credit, I have been blogging double-time on Holy Poached Eggs, so in that case, I’m actually doing well and doing just fine.

Also to my credit, I have several blogs that I’ve actually written on here that are just not posted yet. The drafts are uploaded, but some of them are, in actuality, not really complete or don’t have my thoughts completely written out.

I still haven’t figured out what to do about writing a blog that just documents my life in the mundane sense, and maybe I should revise my stance on the whole perspective of the mundane and spiritual being separated.

So Craving Aletheia shall henceforth be both a blog about my life and my spiritual life. Maybe the whole premise of the blog can be both. There’s no law or rule saying that it can’t be!

In fact, right now, I feel so crack-happy that I think I’ll be writing a few more posts on here!