Do you ever have a dream where you wake up, in your room, and you get up, in your house…but you’re actually still dreaming? Enough is similar in the dream to where you don’t question it, yet it’s all still just a dream.

I have many, many dreams of getting up and seeing that the door to my room is unlocked- or open. In many dreams, I find myself in a bedroom, and I try to close the door (to hide from monsters or whatever else), and then when I look again, the door is open again, or it has holes in it, or it won’t close all the way.

Now I get it- this points to a very fundamental aspect of my personality, the fact that I can’t “lock out” a lot of thing- I can’t shut out things that other people can. It’s difficult to explain in this entry exactly what I mean, but I pick up a lot of people’s emotional “noise,” and I can’t lock the door to my own emotional well-being at times.

I feel good to understand this. Now how does one correct it?