One of the latest writing prompts from WordPress suggested we talk about Truth and whether or not it hurts; that is, the whole principle of, “Is ignorance bliss?” and so on.

So this is our question:

Is it better to know the truth, or is ignorance bliss?

Truth, truth, truth.

Here’s why: knowing the truth, you can do something. Or you may not be able to do anything. But yes, I think in most cases if you know the truth, you can also respond authentically to that truth. Reality flows, nothing is impeded.

Truth may hurt.

But the ignorance can hurt more.

Ignorance is, in reality, the preparation for a much more unpleasant truth on down the road. Better to hurt a bit now than to be in the dark and get your ass kicked later on. In other words, sooner or later, truth is going to come pushing up through the situation anyway.

For instance (and this a gory example), you may have cancer. And if you do, you need to be told so- so that you can take steps to be healed. But if you’re not told you have cancer, well, what can you do about it? You would just end up dying suddenly.

So truth is better, hands down.


P.S. Sorry everyone for the former lack of post. My blog client was having problems.