1. Listen to music you like, when you first get up in the morning, and before you go to bed. Seek out and listen to at least one song you’ve never heard before.

2. Write a short story, even if it’s only a single page long.

3. Draw. Anything. Seriously.

4. Exercise! Your body wants it.

5. Pray and meditate. Your soul wants it!

6. Free-think. Allow random patterns and connections to form in your mind, and then gently nudge them to create novel, arbitrary ones.

7. Matrixing. Throw your senses into some random object, and isolate the senses, one by one. See the blueness of something. See the squareness of something.

8. Create something. It needn’t be a masterpiece- just a creation!

9. Learn a new word in your native language- and use it.

10. Study a foreign language.