A great deal of problems happen in spiritual systems which do not require one to approach it from both the inside and the outside. If one simply takes what one will from a system and brings it to the inside, there is the danger of missing something that’s important and creating an “egoic parody” of something that means something else entirely.

But if one clings to the outside version of things, there is a danger of making an constant appeal to authority. “The Bible says, therefore…” or “The Church teaches, therefore…” or “Guru so-and-so says, therefore…” and on down the line.

So a balance has to be found, and that balance is not always easy.

This blog is brief and mostly incomplete, but that’s okay; I’ll come back to this ideas soon enough and try to flesh things out so that everyone understands from where I’m coming.

Typically, when I reference an “authority” such as Irina Tweedie, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Troy Pierce, Jordan Stratford, it isn’t because I bow down before their experience and completely have nothing to contribute or no thoughts of mine on the matter. Rather, it is because they say something that is either extremely meaningful and sensible or because they say something that explains or resonates with my own particular experiences in mysticism, whereby I am given a reference point.

The whole thing is so interesting!