Funny how I wrote a Note on Facebook back in September about busting through the Square One Curse, only to find myself supposedly plagued by it again. That’s strange to me.

Maybe there is no such thing as Square One. Maybe the only time we’ll fully understand this journey is in retrospect.
One thing that’s especially troublesome is how sometimes, it seems I’ve fallen into the Illuminative state (or been brought there, to put it completely frankly), and then at other times, I seem to have just as easily slipped out of it.
But as I said before, the process is gradual, for all I can gather- the process happens slowly, and eventually the spiral will be somewhere that never goes outside of the Illuminative state.
Last night, when a series of synchronicities happened, I hit a state where I was laughing and crying, all at the same time. No doubt, it was some kind of kundalini experience, and I’ve been there before, only a few times, but I’ve been there.
So great that it lined up even more today, that I saw three people who should know each other meet, and now something in the world seems more complete.
Brothers of Light, I called them. Brothers of Light.
God is merciful, more merciful than perhaps we deserve.
Today, I’m tired. But that tiredness is for good reason. Working on myself, releasing energy, drawing in new energy, and doing the Pranic Healing meditations tonight. God, help us.