After 10 long years of being on this spiritual journey, being tossed around and never quite being sure what it is exactly that I want (only knowing that I want it), I realize that one of the major issues is that I don’t have time to deal with shallow spirituality.

Given, I can see that some of the shallow spirituality is beneficial- some of it can be given to others who aren’t quite as far down the rabbit hole as I, and that’s fine. This means that shallow spirituality still has a purpose.

Maybe I shouldn’t presume that I’m here or there in the journey.

The reality is that I likely have far, far more to learn that I’ve already learned, and I’m fine with that. I’m totally fine with that. But that doesn’t mean the people who haven’t been searching for 10 years are where I am, and I’m not going to sit here and try to play games with myself and those people. There’s too much work to be done, and too much too quickly will overload them.

Sometimes I really question whether God knows what he’s doing or not, based mainly on some of the things I myself endure. My life is not terrible, but for a life not so terrible, I suffer way more than I should.