In becoming aware of my body and focusing increasingly on attempting to relax the tense places, I came to even newer realizations, many of which are yet untested and inchoate.

What I can definitely point to is this: the majority of problems we encounter in life seem to be because our body is tensed up and not relaxed. When the mind-body is at peace (but more so the body, from what I’ve seen), the human has no need to be disturbed. The sheer peace and lack of stress causes the individual to experience the world from a much clearer point of view.

Whether this is finally what God has provided me or whether it comes through my own efforts and experimentation, I cannot say, but I do know that it has come to me many times through His Grace and not through my own efforts.

Now my fondest wish is that everyone in this world could experience this peace. If we all knew peace, if the cruelest person knew what this peace was like, then he would never do another evil thing in his life.

I’ll continue to document things. The chakra meditations are working well.