Naturally, so many people are ultimately saying the same thing, and the people who don’t see the commonalities fall into the categories of simply not grasping the similarities or into the category of being willful idiots that attempt to make themselves superior by whatever standard.

Thus, I should point out that Husserl’s concept of “bracketing” is what I’ve meant by saying “matrixing” for a while now. To behold an object without any presupposition as to what the object’s purpose is, to see it from a particular vantage point and to touch it and to take it in, to drink in its essential essence, is what I mean, and this also seems to overlap with Husserl’s idea.

Thereto in addition, this flows into Zen and mindfulness. I can see how it all interrelates, and I can see that this is a LARGE part of the Actual Freedom Trust’s method of interacting with the world in terms of one’s sensate experiences.

Just some late night thoughts.

The Black Fire is burning tonight.