So where am I spiritually as of late? That’s a tough question to answer.

Craving Aletheia is a beautiful, beautiful blog, and I really enjoy writing about spirituality. Many of the insights I have during meditation are not exactly the easiest things to share, though the reality is quite clear in the meditation.

Articulating insights is not as easy as receiving them, because there are a number of connections people are normally unable to see that become clear in meditation. The occluded becomes revealed whereas the false assumptions we have about reality begin to slowly fall away.

Suffering is something necessary for the Sufi, and I have suffered and suffered in many ways, unfortunately.

By and large the suffering lately has been largely self-imposed, or so I think, but I could be wrong. Longing is an all right way to suffer, in my opinion; I would give to have longing and more longing, and increasingly it seems to be leading somewhere, but not to a place I can totally understand.

There comes a point where the rational mind cannot follow into the mystical realms. One’s thinking stops. Many times I have experienced a brief encounter in meditation of a thoughtless state where there are no thoughts, and usually my excitement causes me to start thinking again. The brief thoughtless states occur in deep meditation, and perhaps it is the elusive Dhyana, and perhaps it is not; I cannot be sure. What I do know is that my senses do not stop; I can still hear and have impressions from the outside world, but perhaps, that, too, will eventually shut down; I am not sure.

Increasingly it’s becoming clear that the Black Fire I’ve so often mentioned is indeed the Shakti, the Kundalini inside of the body. Had I only realized this connection sooner! The connection between Lord Shiva, Christ, and the Earth Father Archetype has also become clear to me.

The internet recently stopped working properly at my house, thus forcing me to write on my computer with no online connection, and to be honest I enjoyed the sense of productivity and actually getting something done. My second novel is almost complete, just in time for me to begin the work on the third and fourth ones. If I have my way, I’ll complete them all by the end of this year.

Meditation has also increased. Guided meditations are helpful because they help me to relax more, and relaxing my body is a crucial for me to meditate since my shoulders always seem to remain tense.

Forgiving myself seems to the name of the game these days. I realize a great deal of the tension that stays in my heart actually originates from my own refusal to forgive myself, even for things long gone into the past that no longer matter whatsoever. Forgiving one’s self seems to be the key to be able to forgive others as well, thus it would be beneficial for me to learn what it means to forgive myself.