Reciting the dhikr is difficult for many reasons, which I want to discuss here. Having received or used the Sufi dhikr “Allah,” there are all kinds of messes that it can cause.

First, in our culture, the name “Allah” is associated with Muslims and has a bad connotation. Second, reciting the Name over and over again, while beneficial on the one hand, also linguistically is simply saying, “God, God, God” over and over again; Erik, too, pointed this out to me.

The mystical and inner meaning of the Name Allah is “the Nothing,” as God appears to the human mind as a great Nothingness- a threshold of the normal mind’s ability to approach exactly Who and What God is, in other words.

But what we must remember is that there is also a theory behind the use of the Name. “Allah” doesn’t simply mean “God.” Allah is an invocation of love, beauty, and longing; Allah is the very cry of the fabric of Reality to Itself. We do not recite the Name of God solely for our own benefit; we recite the Name for the sake of the All.

With each breath, with each repetition, we draw Beauty into this world, and we call to His grace.

I have more things to share, but now is not the time.

Kyrie Eleison.