As I reminisce back to the days when I became agnostic (Alanis Morissette does take me back often), I think of the claim so many atheists make against people of any spiritual persuasion and how they seem to think it’s about the religion just being a crutch of sorts.

Well, I’ll take it, and I’ll run with this.

Let me explain something to you: if you are so happy and so psychologically balanced and materially prosperous that you don’t have any kind of impulse whatsoever to be affiliated with a religion, whether organized or not, then good for you. I’m very happy for you, indeed, and in truth. You don’t need to believe or experience something greater than yourself? Kudos.

I cannot make such similar claims about reality, and I can’t claim to say I know everything about reality. It’s very true that I’m even now influenced by a kind of agnostic position on things- I definitely experience things and what I would call “God,” but I don’t necessarily know what I make of it, and I make attempts to not speculate too much on what’s happening.

The point is, in the words of Alanis, “We all needed Something to pray to.” Yes. I need the religious experience to keep my sanity.

Of course, I do think the majority of religionists don’t know what’s going on with their religion or don’t really get it. I would be less polite and deem them outright fuckwits if I didn’t know better, but the reality is that a lot of religionists (and a lot of atheists) are fuckwits.


In a way, I think I might actually be in agreement with a great number of people who deem themselves atheists on many things. I do think that atheists have the need for approaching things more objectively correct. However, one cannot leave out the subjective component of life completely and expect to get somewhere; it’s just not possible to do that as humans.

Forgive my having not updated recently; I’ve had a lot going on inside of myself, and some of my best conversations have been happening with my spiritual buddies, including a Red State Mystic. He’s the go-to guy if you want to have an in-depth conversation with the Christians who actually get what Jesus is about.

Okay, end blog.