Since I’m making an attempt write at least daily or weekly in this journal, I’ll discuss a few images from my dreams last night.

In one dream, there was a guru of sorts who looked a great deal like Lord Shiva; he had a blue tinge and glowed at one point, and I remember that a rather regular looking guy with long hair and a beard discussed the superiority of Buddha’s teaching, and that the Shiva-guru’s face turned into a fierce form of the God. Shiva sat across from me while also sitting beside me, and the fierce form frightened me. He then took a more humorous look, but the scruffy, regular guy showed no fear and irritation with him.

In another dream, I was part of a live RPG of sorts. I was casting spells to up the statuses of my friends and protect them from being hurt.

I remember the fear of Jason or something coming, and he finally appeared; then I cast a demon out of him, though I can’t remember how I did this other than holding him down.

The dreams, again, were quite vivid while I was having them, very real.

My current goal is to speak with my dreams and trying to get them to take me directly to the core of the subconscious mind so I can speak with it directly. YAY for being a psychonaut!