Contrary to what books I’ve read or ideas I’ve seen presented, in my case at least, I’ve discovered that the ego is located in the root chakra- a most unusual and surprising discovery. The root chakra has account for 99% of my troubles. And now I understand it, get it, to a better degree.

Mostly, I am realizing that the ego has to be accepted, traversed. Some traditions may differ in opinion on this matter; I’ll clearly state how I’m not here to debate. The ego has to be accepted, lived out, gone through, and offered up to God or the Higher Self or whatever term we might like to use.

Of course, a clarification of terminology may also be necessary, as that seems to be a big problem when I come across information that other people have put out there. “Ego” here refers more to the central structure in the psyche, not so much the personality or personas surrounding it. This territory is a bit subtle, and I’ll have to come back to later. Someone should definitely ask me or remind me.

Today, on the way to work, I had a strange experience of everything around me being new. Now, I knew everything I saw had been seen before- I could remember seeing it- but I saw things as though I were seeing them the first time. This has happened to me before, on a few nights driving home in particular, and now I wonder, truly, what it could mean. The experience or perception, like many, eventually faded.

My best guess is that this was a kind of weakening of the ego, a kind of temporary removal or “thinning” of the mental fog that it normally creates. It’s an extraordinary experience on the one hand, yet perfectly ordinary on the other.

My next entry will be, in fact, about the “Revelation of the Ordinary,” if I can remember to write it.