I’ve failed to actually write this blog, though I’ve been meaning to for some time. 

Revelation of the Ordinary is a particular kind of mystical experience that shows how the ordinary things of life are incredibly meaningful and beautiful. Most especially, we encounter this when we fall in love with someone that other people can’t quite understand- our love unveils for us the ordinariness of the person that infinitely meaningful and special that other people can’t begin to grasp, while the person in question doesn’t actually have any particular feature or quality that others can grasp. 

But the Revelation of the Ordinary also applies to us as individuals. We can come to terms with our ordinariness, which isn’t to demean the specialness we have. On the contrary, one realizes that everything and anything ordinary means something.

This specifically happened to me at work when looking at the safe. I’ve seen the safe my entire life, yet only the other day I looked at it, and it stood out, with all its dust and cobwebs, as something special, unique, and perfect in its own ordinariness. I certainly count this as a blessing.

In other news, my dreams have been disturbing and fluctuating and generally strange. Last night, I dreamed all night long. I’ve also had many emotional problems, many of them appearing in my dreams, including extreme anger and force of will that seem to be repressed or held back. I have many moments when everything seems to disappear, and sometimes I really do seem just to be a body walking around or moving. I’m not sure if that’s an ultra-aware state or a state where I’ve forgotten to be aware.

When I awoke on Sunday, I had the impression of a fire blazing throughout my body, from the inside, and then I had a temporary fear that I might spontaneously combust- which obviously did not happen, thank God.

I’ve had a renewed fervor in saying the “dhikr.” I have to always remember that I’m praying for God’s grace in saying it, that I’m not only saying “Iesu” for myself but for the whole world. This changes things around a bit.

There’s also an impression recently that either I or the world or both are on the edge of a cataclysm. I have a fear that God will judge the world, that the “angels are getting closer,” and that unless something gives soon, something changes majorly in the way humans behave, we’re going to encounter more darkness than we ever imagined.

Thus, I’ll continue to pray, and I hope everyone else will pray with me.