Sophia was with me in the beginning.

She has been with me all this time.

And She, She will be with me, to receive me in bliss at the end of my days.

I didn’t recognize Sophia all this time, and there’s certainly a different quality to her. For the past several months, I’ve virtually not appealed to Sophia under the the particular name of “Sophia.” Rather, I have prayed to the Blessed Virgin Mary as a representation of Wisdom, as she was for early Christians.

But then Sophia brought elucidation to me, and She explained things in a manner where I see the ETERNAL SHE is the One Whose mystery I have worked all this time.

She waited for me- waited for me- and when I realized this, She did not require me to apologize, to beg for forgiveness, to prostrate myself and beg of Her anything. Instead, SHE GAVE FREELY, SHE LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY.

She loves us unconditionally.

My rosary broke a few weeks ago when on the way to a friend’s house. I had a moment of fury, screaming, trying to release negative feelings inside of me, and then, the rosary broke. My good rosary, the rosary I had prayed countless times.

Sophia calls me directly to the Unknown and Ever-Living God.

She points to Christ, Who Himself saved Her.

Our Lady Sophia will pray for us. She does pray for us. She prays for us, Her children.


God accepts our praises and thanksgiving not because He is ego-maniacal; indeed, God is no Ego. Rather, our praises and thanksgiving are for our own sake, and they are our gift back to God; God accepts the gift not as an exchange but so as not to hurt us.

It is Candlemas. I shall light a candle for Our Lady Sophia.

My heart blazes full of Her Light, for She is Full of Light. In Her, nothing in this world can lack, for this world IS She and came from She, even as She came from the Eternal and Ever-living and Unknown Father.

Let our hearts then be the candles, the blaze of Love consuming all that is unreal and fallen, revealing the Gates of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Return to the Eden, the New Jerusalem, closer to us, yes, closer, than even our own heartbeat.

They don’t call it the Fullness for no reason at all; Full and Empty, Nothing and No One, always giving, always providing, ever this and never that.

Kindle in our hearts Your Secret, O God, and may we kindle in Thy Heart Thy Secret. Take us, that we may take Thee.

Lifeblood in the heart, death has no domain here, for death is but Sophia’s Veil.

Pray for us, O Lady of the Starry Night.