So, the quest I’ve followed in Christianity’s mystical strains continues in the outward form now. A strange synchronicity happened tonight; I asked the priest at St. Michael’s about Confirmation classes, and his response was that we needed to get started on that tonight because the Bishop was coming next month.


There was no struggle, there was no down-talking, nothing; no battle, no worry. Everything just fell into place. I asked, and I received. The priest sent me home with a copy of the Book of Common Prayer and told me which part of it to study (the catechism’s located in the back.) He put the burden on me to read through the catechism, ask questions, start discussions, all such things, basically a kind of one-on-one process.


I double-checked to make sure such a short amount of time dealing with the catechism would be okay before Confirmation, and he said that he could tell that I was serious- he had seen Facebook page avowing my Gnosticism, and I said, “Ack, the heretic is caught!”

However, my Facebook will be updated to “Anglo-Catholic Episcopalian mystic” after my Confirmation. So be it; I may be Gnostic in the outward and official sense one day, but as much as I call myself “Gnostic,” I mean that I am a mystic, through and through.


I should also note that receiving communion has a substantial effect on me. Sunday’s Mass seemed to strike me as not being as effective, but in the middle of the night, the love appeared inside of me, that love that is both familiar and exotic all at once, the love of Christ.


The same, then, will happen tonight when I begin meditating, I’m sure, and so much the better. The power of the Eucharist cannot be underestimated; there is something real and substantial taking place here inside of me that cannot take place without my receiving from the Church.


Many people have argued that it’s perfectly possible to do things on one’s own, which is something I really wanted to believe for so long. However, Christ’s love given to me in the Holy Eucharist is absolutely magnificent, a tremendous Mystery and substance that is changing me, uniting me with Him, and for this, I’m glad. I’ve been unable to find or create this love on my own; it is something bigger than myself, it is a grace that is freely given whether or not we have earned it, but it must be accepted, and I do affirm that the Sacraments have a power we can’t begin to understand.


Here endeth the rant for the evening.