A good practice for the Christian is to try to see each person as the Imago Dei, the image of God. Most especially, if we can, in the heat of the moment, remember that the person with whom we’re angry is actually at the center of their being God (or at least the Image of God), we can more quickly reconcile our feelings of anger toward them.


Naturally, the issue in my life has been that God only reveals Himself to me selectively, through the people with whom I’ve been in love; this creates an atrocious situation where I long for and pine over someone who either rejects me or who I can’t actually be with for various reasons.


I have had more difficulty seeing God in other people, as often I see myself as a world apart from those people. One thing that those with any level of expanded consciousness must absolutely keep in mind is that not everyone is as aware as you. This is extremely difficult; I have a particular personality flaw where I seem to look down on other people who have not quite understood or learned the things that I have understood and learned. I must be patient with the people who are younger than I am, with the people who are just now going through the phase of breaking with the false images of religion and entering into a kind of searching agnosticism or even those who are outright rebelling by taking on alternative religions.


While there are many common elements throughout religion, the reality is that a number of people go with Wicca and Paganism for the sake of rebelling. The elements that are attractive in Wicca and Paganism are largely reducible to three: the reverence for the Divine Feminine, the sense of the Divinity of Nature, and the aspect whereby one PRACTICES the religion, taking ACTION.


These elements, all three, are to be sure an integral part of Christianity: the Holy Spirit IS the Divine Feminine, but at the same time, God is BEYOND all things in the Transcendent aspect. Nature is Divine in the sense that it is actually made of Christ, but this is a rather esoteric and deep reality that I can’t go into at the moment. And as for ritual- Anglo-Catholics dance circles around Pagans with their rituals (no puns intended.)

The issue of dogmatism and free-thinking may also come up, but in reality, they are secondary to the main reasons people turn to Wicca, and it’s no wonder, as Christians do an awesomely terrible job at their own religion.

I have a feeling I should start doing Youtube videos soon. I really, really want to, because I know that it’s been helpful for me to hear and watch the journeys of mystics, and I think I, too, could be of help to other people.


Good day to you all.