Every time I fall ill physically, it almost invariably seems to be a time when God is actually boosting me spiritually. Is it so common among the mystics to experience physical illness when God’s grace enters them? I’m not sure, but the pattern seems pretty clear to me.

Today, I went to Mass with my boyfriend at another Episcopal Church in Panama City, Florida. The church building itself was absolutely gorgeous and pretty huge compared to my home parish. Mass was going well until…

…the Sanctus bells didn’t ring. Not once. And I was just confused by this: for a church otherwise so very High, complete with all the candles and pageantry, where were the bells?

Now, of course, there was something more important than that: the love of Christ I felt there. That’s what really counts to the human soul, and I’m fortunate enough to be sensitive enough to know when the energy is raised.

At the moment, I’m pretty tired, so now I can’t really write much more.