There are certainly too many things to say to fit them all into one blog entry, though I’ll try to summarize them and be brief in whatever way I can.

First, I’ve taken a method of learning to draw up “energy” from the Earth. As far as I can personally discern, there are three major “sources” of  “raw energy” with which spiritualists and mystics work: the energy of the Earth itself, the energy of the Heavens, and our own personal energy.

I’ve termed this energy “Black Fire” and have mentioned it many times over.

To give an example of what I do, I simply “visualized” the energy of the Earth beneath me coming up through my feet and into my body. My psyche immediately draws outward to my senses, and I’m more aware of the room, of my body, and so on and so forth; that is to say, instead of simply being “stuck” in my head, I’m more aware of my surroundings.

To awaken to one’s own senses in this world is, in my opinion, a crucial step on the spiritual path. An enjoyment of the use of the senses in this world and for its pleasures is one way to make them sharper and more useful for discerning the inner and spiritual worlds.

The same process holds true for absorbing “energy” from the Heavens/God/spirits/etc., except in said case, I visualized energy coming from the sky. A very simple but effective process for me. No need to overcomplicate it or over-think it as that will make the practice far less effective.

To build energy into my own black fire, I tend to visualize energy coming from the surrounding world. I’m not sure why that is, but it works, and that’s what I care about.

Lately, my life has improved drastically. Indeed, my life (externally) only seems to get better and better; in a manner of speaking, I feel as though I’ve finally arrived at the life of which I always dreamed, accomplishing the things I’ve always dreamed I would accomplish- living with a soon-to-be husband, being essentially a homemaker who studies things cooking and mystical, and devoting time to self-improvement and so forth.

The Summer is here, and I love the Summer more than any season. Psychologically, for me, Summer begins exactly on the first of June, no sooner, no later. The warmth and humidity of Florida bring a kind of thawing-out to my chilled bones which have shivered practically since last October even into May when we had a few ridiculously cold days for a May in Florida.

I spent May honoring the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which brings me to another notion: I’m attempting to spend each month of the year devoted to a specific object of Devotion. May is already the month of Mary, and June is the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I’ve worked out a few more months of the year (March is devoted to Saint Michael the Archangel as that was the first month I began attending the Episcopal Church and receiving Christ in the Holy Eucharist, December is devoted to Holy Sophia, and so on.)

What else, what else…after suffering two weeks of May with an incredibly awful sinus headache but recalling the whole time that my headaches precede spiritual grace or are the indicator thereof, I finally experienced some relief, and, beginning June 1st, this immense, deep joy began to overtake my life. My mind has moved out of some kind of fog, some kind of phase where I’ve been reconciling and remembering and figuring out this and that, likely on the unconscious level, and with the help of a few articles by Bishop Stephan Hoeller of the Gnostic Church, I’ve “leapt forward” in my consciousness by discarding my attempt to “fit neatly” into the so-called “orthodoxy” of mainstream Christianity. I’m un-orthodox in many ways, and that’s fine. I have to accept that Gnostics and mystics alike are part of the true and actual flow of consciousness and not subject to trying to fit into out-dated modes of doings things that are reliant on patriarchal consciousness that is rapidly falling away. This is, I think, where our current “culture wars” in the USA are actually having their battle: the people who are moving forward with the overall shift, growth, and expansion in human consciousness versus those people who are clinging to the death throes of a dying style of consciousness.

Inevitably, though, the so-called patriarchal consciousness is going to fall away, and a new, more expansive vision of things is going to arise instead. What will appear? I’m not totally sure. I don’t know if this is going to be a golden era, and I seriously doubt that, but things are changing in a fundamental way, and the best thing to do is to prepare for and work with this new consciousness that’s arising in the cosmic drama of life.

C’est la vie.