The strange part about my practice of Hoodoo is that it’s so very, very…Christian.

It’s difficult for me to conceive of someone saying that anointing candles with oil while making praying the Our Father and reading psalms with specific intentions is somehow evil or worshiping the devil; in that case, people are really, REALLY pushing the definition of “devil worship” into “anything we don’t like.”

I’ve often mused that the reality is that occult practices often are just…more fun, more fulfilling, than sitting around reading the KJV Bible. So, the attraction may be less about demonic influences and more about people having methods that work better than others. 

Hoodoo is a strange thing. Even when I do Hoodoo, as fulfilling as it is, most of what I do is for other people. Always, always prayers and intercessions and mojo and gris-gris for someone else. We are given for others, whether good wishes and intentions and prayers or what have you.

My devotion to Santa Muerte is growing; my husband bought a book that serves as a sort of grimoire for Santa Muerte, and despite how hastily it seems to have been put together, I think that it’ll be one of those things that future generations use as a sort of “introductory” material.

In addition, my husband bought a number of pieces of jewelry and a Santa Muerte scapular as well as a Santa Muerte rosary; this year, we have to plan a very special “Day of the Dead” ceremony for her. 

One thing that keeps occurring to me is the connection between Santa Muerte and Sophia. There is a connection; I can…well, I know it. That’s the most I can say. I know there’s a connection. But I don’t know what the connection is or how to explain it. 

If only Carl Jung were alive to look at the Santa Muerte phenomenon and analyze it. Would that he were. 

On to more things.