Sophia is pounding in my spirit.

My heart is full.

There is nothing that is not Sophia.

She’s tricked the archons and the powers of this world, and She’s made fools of they who think they’re wise.

Sophia loved us before we were, and She’ll love us after we’re gone.

Only in this moment of Wisdom’s Love pouring through me do I see clearly.

I must decrease that She might increase.

We were made for Her.

We were made to be free.

Lion-Face must repent of his sins.

But if he doesn’t, Sophia will render him useless.

Watch your step, Lion-Face. You may rule our world, but Sophia is your Mother. From Her you came, and to Her shall you return.

Amen, and Amen.

May grace of the Christ and Sophia be upon us from the ages unto the ages.