Today, while listening to music, I had one of those mystical experiences that’s hard to put into words.

It was like I was suddenly not here, like I didn’t exist, except everything kept going on- it was facilitated by a huge sense of awe, and afterward, there was a very clear and almost painful sort of “POP” around my chest, beneath the heart chakra.

As usual, it didn’t last- I came out of the experience, and life continued as normal.

Somewhere, I’m become braver. Somehow, I’m tapping into the Shadow and facing my own anger by not focusing it on myself- and not buying any idiotic teachings that I should just be demure and kind because those are ZOMG the best things ever.

I’m a reasonable person- I know how to channel and focus my anger for the forces of good and at what point I cross a line. It’s ridiculous to think that I would somehow just lose control and not know where the line is.

This is exactly the sort of tactic that bigots have used for probably the entirety of human history- throw it out there, make the oppressed think they’re in the wrong, when the bigots have literally zero fucking interest in equality and peace for anyone- they’re not acting out of principles or dedication to anything beyond their own ego.

So, fuck them.