The order of the mystic is to relentlessly stoke the sacred flame the burns and consumes all within himself.

Whatever it takes, stoke the flame.

The Black Fire in me rages most profoundly and most freely when I am absorbed in music.

Meditation augments this heavily.

Meditating while listening to music takes me to emotional depths.

But is this profundity really transformative?

I can see the Great Void, endless throughout the worlds, throughout the universe and beyond.

By see, I mean “perceive.”

And the Black Fire raging inside of me perceives the Great Void and is leaping and crackling toward the Great and Consuming Brilliant Darkness.

Have I been taken to this new depths unaware?

I am plunging unconsciously into a new realm, only to later be alerted on this level?

What the hell is happening?

Where is my teacher?

Where is my group, my church, my ecclesia?

Have I so much pride that I’ve repelled all these things?