Recognition of a rehashed spiritual territory is a virtue I’ve never seen espoused, yet for the mystic, it seems indispensable.

My own path has shown that I enter certain “territories” where I’ve once been. Currently, I’m in something I’m temporarily calling a “nothingness” which is in and of itself difficult to explain.

Suffice it to say that the impression of “God” in the moment is gone, and what remains is this strange sense of infinite blackness in the universe; an emptiness, perhaps, or a sense that there is no God.

Yet I discovered many years ago that this experience is really not about there not being a God but about encountering the veil that separates our reality from God; in other words, the seeming non-existence is actually the experience of a threshold between this world and the next.

It does render things like and ritual seemingly meaningless; I almost feel like I can’t pray at this point, yet this is the point where prayer is most needed.

This is the point where our ego-projections begin to break down and encounter what’s real, which is beyond our ego-created ideas of What Is or What Isn’t.

In some ways it might be terrifying if it weren’t for the sheer interest I have in it. Mysticism is serious business but has fun aspects, like the sense of charting into “unknown” territory that other people have no knowledge of and no interest in.

Things are going to change in the next couple of months, and in a good way.