Loki and Norse Gods

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For whatever reason, I discovered that I have a connection with Loki.

I didn’t expect that. At all.

Mainly, the connection with Loki seems to be around my second chakra. Yeah, yeah, I know, that sounds strange, but the area in the lower back and lower stomach is where I had the sense of, “Loki, Loki, Loki.”

Loki’s presence and energy is highly ambivalent- not just chaos for the sake of chaos, but chaos for the sake of FUN. Acting crazy because it’s fun. Doing things that are uncharacteristic of one because they’re fun.

And that’s how I acted around my husband when I felt Loki’s energy.

And now Loki no longer seems to be active, but that’s how the Gods are. They come, they go, and we’re not the ones to control them.

Odin helped me recently. I cried for help, and he helped me, and that’s all I’ll say on the matter. He’s a good guy.


Dream Record

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In one part of the dream, I recall being in a large house with many expensive things. I had a certain fear of being there, knowing somewhere that having expensive things in the home meant people were more apt to break in and try to steal something- whereas one living in a modest home renders one far less likely to lose anything because the perceived value is different.

At another part, I was in a restaurant, and suddenly was part of a video game. In the video game, some variation of Zelda, I had to don a mask of one of the Zora to enter a restaurant and be mistaken for staff. There were two pieces to the mask- a part that looked like a Zora mask and a part that looked like a weird gold thing.

I put the mask on and was “mistaken” as such and led to a room where an awesome musician played. I was told to sit down on a bed that was high and probably used for the care of an older person.

Then I was supposed to react in some way, but because I wasn’t used to actually being inside a video game, when I wanted to talk to a person in particular, I said aloud…”A Button.” Everyone looked at me strangely.

One of the men there was HOT…he was a black man that had been sitting with someone else. I realized I was dreaming and decided to make out with him, and it was an amazing experience. He forced his tongue in and out of my mouth in a way that mimicked sex, and it was just as good as if not better than sex.

And then I woke up because my dreams that are sexual always wake me up.

Is there a good analysis for the dream? I’m not sure. I want to think the black man was some kind of Shadow representation, and this could mean I “made friends” in an intimate way with my Shadow.

There were other things I dreamed prior to all this, but I cannot remember them now.