Self-esteem is important. You cannot approach Nirvana with a broken self-esteem because your ego will spend all your energy trying to verify itself.

If you don’t like yourself, you can’t get very far.

So if you don’t like yourself for whatever reason, put down the path to God and find the path to your ego liking itself first.

Liking yourself isn’t selfish, not really. Not liking yourself will cause you to do more damage in the long run with an endless series of addictions and cycles that cannot be broken by those coping mechanisms.

As of late, I have found a girl inside of myself- a young girl, in my second chakra area. And she’s powerful and ready to defend me- I have no idea who she is, where she came from, how long she’s been there, but she does seem to have made herself more known after I began working on my self-esteem and realized I had to learn to like myself.

It isn’t easy. The psyche likes to collapse back into familiar patterns of self-hatred and despair; to like myself requires tremendous energy to fight against a lifetime of fuckery I’ve inherited from other people, from the society around me, through the Collective Unconscious.

Individuating is a horrifying process, and the Collective isn’t fond of it.

But having seen people recently who are possessed by some aspect of the Collective Unconsicous has been even more horrifying. Watching the stereotype of a Trump-supporter go after the local Muslim woman and the Black Lives Matters protestors shocked me- I had no idea people could be just a pure stereotype.

God save us all from this horrible world.