While meditating in bed the other night, I suddenly had the image of being in a sort of cave or enclosure, and a black woman dressed in Egyptian regalia sat upon a throne with a hat of some sort, a long hat that looked like it could be the broken skull of an animal.

Behind her was a huge pillar fashioned into the likeness of a serpent, and around the serpent was energy spiraling like the DNA helix; a fire burned atop the serpent, glowing blue.

I asked the woman her name, and she responded, “Kemetu.”

My first instinct was connecting “Kemet” to the word “Kemetic,” and I knew that had to do with Egypt.

But upon looking up the word, I found out that this, in fact, was the word ancient Egyptians used to refer to themselves, and “Kemetu” means “black people.”

Wow. That’s a pretty powerful connection that have arisen in my mind.

I’m not sure what Kemetu meant to teach me or give me, but she was favorable to me, and I am glad to have met her.