An interesting thing to note is how sometimes the Anglican rosary is touted as being more “user-friendly” than the Dominican (or Catholic) rosary of Our Lady. The reasoning is kind of strange to me on a few levels.

Let’s consider first that the Dominican rosary revealed by Our Lady was revealed as a one and particular whole; the hypothesis about the development of the rosary prior to that is that the monks in Christendom would recite all 150 Psalms during the course of the day. 

The common people, then, who might not have memorized all 150 Psalms, somewhere substituted the saying of 150 Our Fathers or, in some cases, 150 Hail Marys. 

The rosary was revealed with a set of 15 mysteries (and now 20 if you count the Luminous mysteries given by Pope John Paul II), ten Hail Marys being attached to each mystery. The rosary also goes through many of the major events in the life of Christ. 

The problem in thinking, of course, is that the Dominican rosary, as in the rosary with the specific number of beads on it, can ONLY be used to pray in this way, and that the Anglican rosary, devoid of specific prayers attached to it, is therefore easier to use.

Well, one thing is true: the Anglican rosary is shorter than the Dominican rosary, whereby there are 4 sets of 7 beads (called weeks) and a larger bead that precedes those four. 

Now, I will hand it to the Anglican rosary and specifically this website in question for showing all the various levels of symbolism that exist in it: The Anglican Rosary. The symbolism that exists in the conscious design of the rosary actually reminds me of the Qabalah and the various connections that are made among numbers and symbolism. So, I can praise whoever developed the Anglican rosary based on that, especially when all the symbolism is present in the numbers.

At the same time, the prayers for the Dominican rosary can also be changed and altered as one wishes, so on level, I don’t see the need for a person to, say, own both kinds. But some people like their prayer beads and such, so I say whatever and to go FOR IT if needs be.