How shall I explain these things to anyone?

Okay, that opening line can sound pretentious in any era, in any culture, in any climate and quite likely would be accurate. The other hand suggests a reality that some things are just too complex to be conveyed properly, but I should try.

I’m not sure how to go about spelling “Cabala” and such, but being of the Divine and Catholic Faith, I should probably use the C-spelling. So, I will, likely from here on out.

I stumbled upon Cabala for the first time as a teenager, and that was probably quite by accident. is still up and running, and I recall consulting it a great deal in those days.

The Tree of Life on there is quite informative, and while I give the author kudos for that, what we find lacking is indeed my biggest complaint ever: there are not very many actual practices that are available or given on the site. 

But setting that gripe aside, as a means of organizing Things Spiritual, the Tree of Life is absolutely superb, and the intricate spiritual connections of God reaffirm things I knew somehow intuitively at a much younger age.

So, to get to my point: if ever I felt that Destiny and Fate and Fortune are true, it’s now. I feel that my Fate is catching up with me, that something is beginning to shift in the deeper levels of my psyche. 

When I was younger, in high school, I had a dream that I was with a bunch of other students, and we climbed down some kind of strange pole to look into a temple. 

The Temple was magnificent- huge, airy, with beautiful architecture and stained glass windows. I heard something of a Gregorian chant in the background (which was actually the Temple of Time music from Zelda: Ocarina of Time) and looked to see a huge section of the walls filled with Hebrew writing.

I couldn’t read Hebrew then, but I could recognize the language. That dream has stuck with me over the years as being highly important, and now, I’ve finally learned the “Letters of Fire.” Maybe I still can’t read Hebrew properly as I don’t know the language, but I can recognize the individual letters, that’s for sure. 

And in this, somehow, there is a connection to that dream, there is a connection to my past in which the seeds were planted and began unfolding in the unconscious in my life. I fought their growth in my own bumbling egotistical way for some time, and now, the seeds of truth are taking their revenge by bringing me to where I need to be.

Come, Lord Jesus, come.

So I suppose, then, that it’s up to me to go about using what I know about meditation to focus upon the Tree of Life. So be it; I’m willing to do what it takes to surrender to God.