Well, here I am again, having not updated…

I took it upon myself this past April to begin studying the Tarot and various means of cartomancy with a greater degree of focus and aspiration than I have in the past. The Tarot and indeed any method of divination always carries with it certain hurdles, but such is life. 

One issue with reading Tarot is the notion of “finding a deck that speaks to you.” Well, that’s all fine and good, and I formerly was the proud owner of the Gilded Tarot but came to despise it as time went by; I increasingly felt unable to relate to the pictures or felt something generally to be “off” about the deck.

Enter my return to the Rider-Waite deck with all its esoteric imagery and symbolism, including references to God and to the Eucharist, and I’m much, much happier now. The images are almost clearly meant to be read by candlelight or in low light at the very least so as to inspire the deeper aspects of the mind; they’re meant to provoke the imagination in such a way.

The hurdle is, of course, that the given meanings of the cards can range heavily; each card has multiple potential meanings, and they’re sometimes completely unrelated in any way. 

Some cards simply don’t speak to me in any meaningful way; I just can’t attach a meaning or decipher them by visual cues nor by the numerological and elemental associations. I had a fit with reading the Justice card one night and couldn’t pull any meaning from him, though now I attribute a sort “just deserts” to the card along with a rigidity of rules. 

The Lenormand deck fascinates me as her method of reading cards is associated to some degree with playing cards, and the Petit Etteillia seems to have preceded even the Lenormand deck. 

So, I took it upon myself to construct a new Lenormand deck for myself, one that left out the use of writing the words in Russian on the cards for no apparent reason, and then I constructed my own personal deck based on the same premise as the Petit Etteilla, which is to say, I took any number of symbols that are at once universal and personal and wrote them at various places on 24 playing cards. There are a total of four words on each card on the top, bottom, and respective sides, bringing the total number of possible symbols to read to 96. 

The symbols were chosen because they meaning something to me, and they can easily be interpreted because of that.

One method of reading that appeals to me now is the Grand Tableau in which ALL the cards are laid out and read, especially with reference to the significator card. My method of divining this way is that a card is chosen at random before shuffling, and then the cards are shuffled, followed by laying all of them out. 

The cards are then read about the signifying card accordingly. 

Of course, there are FOUR different words on each card, so how do I choose which word to read? I’m not totally sure yet; I simply “know” which word is leaping out and connecting with the other symbols. 

I have high expectations and great feelings about having constructed my own personal deck. I should also mention that the cards in question were all chosen at random, and I appealed foremost to Santa Muerte about helping me with these symbols and attribute this method of divination to being due to her guidance. 

What matters in this case is that I’m not trying to read symbols that other people have established and which I must then decipher; I’m reading symbols that are already intrinsic to my own mind and can thus be read with some degree of fluency simply because I know what they mean. Frankly, I think this is a brave and powerful move.

I’ve also been reading the Russian Gypsy Fortunetelling Cards that I’ve neglected for most of the year. I started reading those again last week sometime, and I forgot just how much I enjoyed using them and reading them for others. Alas, one cannot charge for those cards as a moral warning in the book itself, so the Russian Gypsy Fortunetelling Cards will have to remain a gift given to friends and family.

But back to my own personal deck, which has no name as of now, I will likely continue to edit and refine it until I’m completely satisfied that I can get the most out of it. It occurs to me that various kinds of symbols are lacking on the cards, but what symbols should I include? Those, too, will come in time. God bless us, every one.