The truth is that I’m after Truth.

The truth is, spirituality and religion mean so much to me, so much more than I can begin to express to anyone at any given time.

But let’s be succinct in sharing this history.

I blogged on DeadJournal for years, then on MySpace, posting over 1000 entries. In the Spring of this year (2010), I gave up blogging on MySpace for a more “professional” attempt at writing on a blog on the South and more specifically on food (which you can find at

The lack of blogging on religion has really gotten to me, whether it’s the need to connect with others who have a similar world view, to gain their feedback, to educate them, or to simply express something about reality that has excited me so.

In an effort to not bore those around me who have different interests, I’ve decided to open this blog on religion. Things will be a little different here than on Holy Poached Eggs, and as I’m tired, I’ll address these things in blog number two.

This is my outlet. Welcome, one and all.