Blessings and Hoodoo

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The strange part about my practice of Hoodoo is that it’s so very, very…Christian.

It’s difficult for me to conceive of someone saying that anointing candles with oil while making praying the Our Father and reading psalms with specific intentions is somehow evil or worshiping the devil; in that case, people are really, REALLY pushing the definition of “devil worship” into “anything we don’t like.”

I’ve often mused that the reality is that occult practices often are just…more fun, more fulfilling, than sitting around reading the KJV Bible. So, the attraction may be less about demonic influences and more about people having methods that work better than others. 

Hoodoo is a strange thing. Even when I do Hoodoo, as fulfilling as it is, most of what I do is for other people. Always, always prayers and intercessions and mojo and gris-gris for someone else. We are given for others, whether good wishes and intentions and prayers or what have you.

My devotion to Santa Muerte is growing; my husband bought a book that serves as a sort of grimoire for Santa Muerte, and despite how hastily it seems to have been put together, I think that it’ll be one of those things that future generations use as a sort of “introductory” material.

In addition, my husband bought a number of pieces of jewelry and a Santa Muerte scapular as well as a Santa Muerte rosary; this year, we have to plan a very special “Day of the Dead” ceremony for her. 

One thing that keeps occurring to me is the connection between Santa Muerte and Sophia. There is a connection; I can…well, I know it. That’s the most I can say. I know there’s a connection. But I don’t know what the connection is or how to explain it. 

If only Carl Jung were alive to look at the Santa Muerte phenomenon and analyze it. Would that he were. 

On to more things.


Just Call Me Stevo…

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When I began blogging in the online world two years ago, I decided to adopt a pen name in an attempt to keep myself private in some capacity or another. Many writers use pen names, and I’m a blossoming writer in some capacity, as most of you may have guessed by now.

That being said, I’m going to take a very important stand at this point in time and put myself out there. Sometimes, the courage we gain and the right way to do something is out of sheer observation of another person who does the right thing. A new friend of mine has shown me that it’s more important to be one’s self and to be honest about one’s self than are a lot of things in this world.

So, while I’m going to keep the pen name “Beaux”  (pronounced just as “Bo”) for my food blog, The Yum Yum, I’m ditching it here.

My name is Stephen, and Stevo is a nickname. Or you can call me Steve. 

I’m gay, and I’m a gay mystic, and I’m a gay Christian mystic. I identify as Catholic, specifically, Anglo-Catholic, and I’m a member of the Episcopal Church of the United States of America. 

I have interest in all the world religions; I like Voodoo, I like Hoodoo, I like reading Tarot cads, and I like divination in general. 

Of course, the naysayer smay want to come along and say things like, “ZOMG how can u be Christian n be gay too its against gods word”

It’s too laborious to have that conversation, especially with the stupid, because basically what Christians mean when they say you can’t be gay and be Christian is that you’re spoiling their barrel of apples by being a bad apple identifying as one of them. Then the comparisons between allowing murderers and rapists to be counted among their number will begin. This is precisely the sort of attitude that makes me want to label myself simply as “Gnostic” in order to already declare to the mainstream Christians that I’m not one of them and thus don’t have to risk their attempt to expulse me from their shitty level of hillbilliy theology.

Of course, that last parapraph, filled with its snark, lends to the idea that I make a damned good Episcopalian. Now all I need is an Old Fashioned, and we’ll be sitting pretty. 

So, from now on, I’ll sign my blogs on Craving Aletheia simply as “Stevo.” There’s no point in hiding my name; there’s no point in hiding who or what I am if I’m interested in the truth and most especially, the Truth.

There you have it.



The Mystic Seekers

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Thanks to a series of strange events, I’ve happened upon an interesting radio show with some local ghost-hunters: The Mystic Seekers.

Founded by Grady Smith and Mambo LaReina, the group actively engages in paranormal investigation and have a bi-weekly radio show archived at Tenacity Radio. 

Most the main group within the Mystic Seekers are affiliated with or initiated into the Vodou religion. Before anyone starts going on about the evils of Vodou, try doing some research- you might be surprised at what you find, kids!

You can visit the official Mystic Seekers website at

Now, why am I taking time to blog about them? 

Here’s why:

The Mystic Seekers are a different kind of radio show. I’m a huge, huge fan of Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and the Godspeed Institute with Caer Hallundbaek. However, these shows, for all their worth, are still done in an almost technical style.

That doesn’t mean that the Mystic Seekers lack professionalism; what it does mean is that you’ll encounter a show full of warmth, laughter, and people really being themselves. I’ve found myself laughing several times at the sheer humor on the show.

Not only that, but the Mystic Seekers themselves are highly, highly informed when it comes to their subject matter. Mambo LaReina has more than once said things that not only impressed me but confirmed my intuition that these aren’t fluffy, nutty, cruncy-granola New Agers; these are people who get down and dirty with their spirituality, and by that, I mean they get REAL.

You can find the Mystic Seekers on Facebook as well. There’s a Facebook group, as well, and you can apply for membership, but Mambo LaReina has to actually make the call on adding you to the group- so be patient. You can find it here:

The Mystic Seekers have just celebrated their One-Year Anniversary. Go check them out and show some support! 



Hate in My Heart

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Friday proved difficult for me; I was in an irritated mode all day, not really with a specific reason, and then I ended up having one thing after the next attack me in the bad mood.

I ended posting a response to a particularly upsetting video I saw online that only furthered my realization of just how in control the archons are of this world. The comments I received were normal initially, and then one particular person attacked my wall with a so-called Wall of Text.

We ended up getting into it, and he immediately attacked me with an argumentum ad hominem, saying blatantly mean things to me- a guy who was on my Facebook almost accidentally, who had not had more than two conversations with me and who had seemed like a kind person, suddenly turning into THE biggest asshole.

He ended up blocking me, and I ended up crying- a childish thing on the one hand, but I had enough stress inside of me, and finally I reached the breaking point.

I felt stupid for crying on the one hand, but on the other hand, my body needed it.

The realizations then began coming. I was able to watch myself in the entire situation, able to see what happened inside of me emotionally, and I have come to the point where a virtual breakthrough is possible.

Charting the emotional pattern is not going to as easy as I had imagined, but at any rate, not only did the breakthrough come up, the Shadow came up as well, and the Shadow is in full force.

I have never, in the entirety of my life, began hating someone I did not know so quickly; I have never wished death on someone the way I have on this guy. I have never been so vengeful, but this poor guy, he’s getting all my evil, all my anger, all the pent-up rage at rednecks and stupid people who have continuously ruined not only my life but the world around us.

So, I’m dealing with the rage, the hate, which is welling up from the root chakra- this is not just a heart chakra anger, this is a complete life force vigor type deal.

Which is why it’s dangerous.

But on the other hand, I can also see there is a place for this in my life, that it points still to a deeper pain that’s happened, that my overreaction ultimately comes down to my being on the edge of the breakthrough. All the nastiness is coming up, and god, it’s been coming up for years.

In the end, wishing death on someone cannot be justified, unless the person has killed someone close to you.

But wishing the karma back on them, wishing the suffering that caused you in their vileness back on them, wishing for the gods to bitchslap them is well within my right, and I think it’s about time that I learned this lesson. I’ve been trying to learn it for years and years and years, situations, such as this one, keep occurring, and each time, I hold back in the name of Christ and trying to be Christ-like.

Well, no offense to Christ- I’m going to do what I have to do.

It terrifies me to realize that we all have this dark side, and that we all could devolve into it at any given point. Why I was surprised that this guy had a dark side, I’m not sure; it’s not that I was surprised that he had one, I suppose, so much as it was surprising that he would attack me so quickly.

Back to the whole thing of being misunderstood, but hey, he can go fuck himself.

This is the part where I keep complaining about how Jesus doesn’t tell us how to stop hating someone. I’ve prayed for the necessary graces and charism to stop hating him, to stop wanting to take revenge, and yet my pride gets in the way, and part of me understands somewhere that for him to get back exactly the amount of pain he caused to me is justifiable.

I’ve been unable, but more so unwilling, to meditate. I mean, I can’t bring myself seriously to meditate at this point when I feel so angry and hateful; those feelings just well up and take over, and I began thinking through everything again and getting angrier.

Pray for me, brothers and sisters, that I may know the Will of God.