Less Peace.

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Way more tension in the body today; not nearly as much peace.

Somewhere around the Hrit chakra seems to be the absolute source of all the stress in my body and mind. I’m not exactly sure what it means, but by keeping my awareness on it for long period of time, I can eventually begin to seem some clearness in it. The clearing away of the chakra pushed energy up to the heart, and of course I had a momentary fear that I might induce a heart attack by focusing on the energy.

The energy seems to largely be trapped between the Hrit chakra and the Manipura chakra as well. I felt a little energy coming down through the Manipura chakra but didn’t feel much energy coming up the spine. Strange stuff.

Last night, I had a strange impression that we all are part of the Buddha’s body. There exists a kind of eternal body of which we are only a part, and at death, we simply return to the whole body. Maybe this is incorrect, and maybe I’ll have a deeper insight later on, but that was the momentary understanding of things.

I’m continuing to focus on doing all the things I enjoy doing throughout the course of each day. This helps me to balance responsibility with pleasure and helps me to focus on improving myself, moment by moment. Sometimes I see myself going a little overboard with some things and being too slack in others, but that’s okay at the onset- eventually the best possible combination will be attained, and things will be incredibly nifty.


Odd Chakra

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I’m encountering and experiencing a chakra that’s located between the Solar Plexus and the Heart Chakra. Upon doing some research, I discovered this is known as the Hrit chakra. I’ll have to do more research to really understand it, but perhaps this is the so-called “hidden heart chakra” of which I’ve heard.

Well, it seems that the mind continually must expand to accommodate higher and higher levels of consciousness. Perhaps the assumption that one has made it to the highest level of consciousness is always an illusion; is there never an end to the journey?

We’ll see.