Holy Matrimony, the Sacred Nature of Sexuality, and an Inner Reform

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Watching the Royal Wedding the other day had a profound affect on me. Anglicanism, at its zenith of Anglo-Catholicism, is beautiful beyond beautiful, truly a mark of God’s Presence on Earth.

But more to the point, the administration of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony had an even more profound affect on me.

So now, I’m going to say things that will put me outside of the mindset of the majority of the society and world in which I live.

I do not think sex should happen outside of marriage.

That goes for straight people and gay people alike.

End of story.

Now, to push forward and explain some things: that does not mean that I believe that it’s a “sin” to have sex outside of marriage, much less that I think it’s a threat to one’s immortal soul or eternal abode.

Allow me to clarify what I mean.

In our society, there is a huge amount of dissatisfaction within relationships and within marriage and with sexuality in general. People seem to not want to admit this, and more and more, what I’ve seen is the attitude that “monogamy is the evil” from some of the more vocal people. That is, people are seriously questioning if monogamy is something that humans are supposed to do, and there’s no problem with putting up that question.

But the root issue is where we should go. Why the dissatisfaction?

What’s the real issue?

I think the issue is that sexual energy, by its nature, is extremely unstable and difficult to control; so when we enter into a relationship with someone, we bring with us our unstable sexual energy, and all kinds of problems arise in the relationship. Sometimes, though, the issue is that two people are not really together because they love each other- they’re together for any host of reasons that someone such as myself would find reprehensible.

Holy Matrimony does something that two people, on their own, cannot do- it binds their sexual energy together, a blessing on the two to balance and stabilize their energy, to draw it away from other partners and other people and bring it together to the two of them. Ms. Tweedie explained that what happens is the kundalini of the two people begins to fuse together. And so I have observed this myself.

The problem is that it’s difficult to extricate one’s kundalini from the other person if there is a break-up or a divorce, but that’s another blog.

The point is this: while not married, the energy of the two people is so unbound that the likelihood of something going wrong is much higher. I also think that so many people who get married do so under false pretenses, and so since the Sacrament isn’t being conferred properly, the marriage fails

I’m just rambling at this point. You ignore this blog. I think sexual fulfillment ultimately comes when two people love each other and are married. That’s all I’m saying. And I think sex at that point isn’t just about momentary pleasure, it’s about uniting with that other person, about communicating with them and deepening your companionship.


PCE? Nirvana? Enlightenment? Moksha? Liberation? Freedom?


How the experience began, I won’t bring myself to say just now, but we’re going to be discussing a few different things that happened, starting last night.


First, I phoned my friend Rheana; we had discussed hanging out and doing spiritual work, but she was rather tired and couldn’t. She mentioned a certain meditation involving the Heart Chakra called the Twin Hearts meditation, which involves visualizing the Earth in your hands and sending love from the Heart Chakra into the Earth, covering everything with love and giving love to every being in the world.


I took it upon myself to do this meditation later in the evening, and then, I tried to go to sleep.


That’s when the vibrations began.


If you’ve read Daughter of Fire by Irina Tweedie, she talks of these vibrations coming at night quite frequently.


Necessarily, the energy was coming from the Root Chakra and the Sex Chakra- largely where the kundalini is stored.


The energy created all kinds of wonderful feelings of bliss and happiness, of pure infinitude and purity and love and goodness. The intensity was such that it was exhausting the ego, and I must say that I do like this method of destroying the ego with too much happiness more than destroying he ego with too much suffering.


My dreams were not as pleasant, which was a surprise. A few different issues came up, most of which I was able to confront when I awoke, but not totally.


Then when I awoke today, I was getting ready for work, had gone to the kitchen, and the Grace of God HIT, just in a moment. One second it wasn’t there, and the next second it was, and good grief, it just got better and better and better and I felt happier and happier and happier. The bottom two chakras again seemed to “loosen up,” and the energy moved up to my head.


What exactly was going on there, I can’t explain. Reality seemed okay on every front. I think the Higher Self may have disappeared temporarily in addition to the Ego.  Maybe this is the PCE of which the Actual Freedomists speak. However, I noted that I didn’t come to the same conclusions as other people who claim the state of No-Self, but then again, I wasn’t in it for longer than half an hour.


One thing that I did notice was that there’s a sense of friendliness with the universe. To put it bluntly, the experience was like being best friends with every atom in the universe. There was no loneliness or isolation or low self-esteem; everything was as it should be, and life was great. My energy or matter was in harmony with all energy and matter.


Another aspect of the experience was the relaxation, the calmness. No tension in the body, no stress, no unpleasantness, no sense burden of Self. Very, very intriguing.


I wish that experience would happen again. I’ve waited and waited for the wonderful, clear world to return. It’s just all-around GOOD.