Recently, I’ve made an attempt to strucure my prayer life better than before. Praying on one’s knees, crossing one’s self, and bowing at the Name “Jesus” certainly creates a greater sense of reverence inside of me.


For many years, I’ve owned a book called The Essential Catholic Prayer Book. I bought it in 2007 or 2008, along with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, intent on trying to penetrate the mysteries of the faith.


It is unfortunate that during my journey with and through Christianity that I came so many times back to the realization that the political issues within the Church turned me off. I’ve had a difficult time separating the individual perspectives from the desire for an objective sort of truth or standard of measurement. To this day, I certainly cringe at the word “Protestant,” as it makes me think of poorly decorated churches and undeducated people taking the religion way too seriously. That’s a horrible take on Protestantism, I know, and as I mentioned recently, I do think that I have more sympathy with Martin Luther than with any of the other reformers.



I could definitely handle the label “Reformed Catholic” more easily than I could handle the label “Protestant.” But that’s not what this entry is about.


Most of the time I would pray certain prayers from this book, but the order was unstructured and seemed whimisical. The Catholics have taught me that the order of things, the structure of things, gives a good reflection of the Truth in certain moments, and so here I’ll present my section of prayers.


I created a list of Seven Movements of the Prayers. Traditionally, the Seven Movements would be prayed by monks and nuns over the course of an entire day. I don’t know that I’ll be able to orchestrate my own day in the manner, but there are Seven Movements nonetheless.


First, I pray the Acts of Faith, Love, Hope, and Contrition; this sets the stage for me to open myself to God and the best of the Christian virtues.


Second, I pray what my book calls the Universal Prayer. This is traditionally a post-Mass prayer, but it’s quite lovely and speaks to my soul in all moments.The point of this is to offer praise to God.


Third, I offer prayers on behalf of the sick, dying, and the dead. This helps to focus on someone else besides me.


Fourth, I offer prayers of gratitude and character, which deal specifically with my neighbors and my relation to Creation.


Fifth, I offer my Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. For many reasons, I consider this to be the most important of the prayers offered.


Sixth, I offer my Devotion to Our Lady.


Seventh, various prayers to the Saints and Angels are asked so that they may help us and intercede for us.


Last night when I went through the whole lot of prayers, I think it took about 30 minutes. I had certain songs downloading on Youtube, so I took a few breaks.


Maybe I should break up the prayers into 3 Movements or so and then pray them at various times of the day.


One thing’s for sure- kneeling also gets your butt in shape. That’s the great part they never tell you.