This video is incredibly disturbing.

I think that it’s necessary to face it though, because it shows that human nature is uncertain, that we perceive the threats in the world at an early age, and that our infant mind can’t process things and that this creates a great deal of anxiety about the world around us.

But in the end, even though we have comforting images here (the Goddess/God the Mother appears at one point) and even then we have the image of Self or the Absolute, this, too, breaks apart and turns into an infinite chaotic rabbit hole of the Void into which we endlessly spiral.

That is the entire nature and journey of the human soul- we live our lives challenging this strange, empty world that’s in front of us, and then we discover that we cling to what is familiar, but even the familiar will transform into a chaotic Unknown for the mind.

What does it all mean?

It’s so deep, so incredibly deep.