Thanks to a series of strange events, I’ve happened upon an interesting radio show with some local ghost-hunters: The Mystic Seekers.

Founded by Grady Smith and Mambo LaReina, the group actively engages in paranormal investigation and have a bi-weekly radio show archived at Tenacity Radio. 

Most the main group within the Mystic Seekers are affiliated with or initiated into the Vodou religion. Before anyone starts going on about the evils of Vodou, try doing some research- you might be surprised at what you find, kids!

You can visit the official Mystic Seekers website at

Now, why am I taking time to blog about them? 

Here’s why:

The Mystic Seekers are a different kind of radio show. I’m a huge, huge fan of Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and the Godspeed Institute with Caer Hallundbaek. However, these shows, for all their worth, are still done in an almost technical style.

That doesn’t mean that the Mystic Seekers lack professionalism; what it does mean is that you’ll encounter a show full of warmth, laughter, and people really being themselves. I’ve found myself laughing several times at the sheer humor on the show.

Not only that, but the Mystic Seekers themselves are highly, highly informed when it comes to their subject matter. Mambo LaReina has more than once said things that not only impressed me but confirmed my intuition that these aren’t fluffy, nutty, cruncy-granola New Agers; these are people who get down and dirty with their spirituality, and by that, I mean they get REAL.

You can find the Mystic Seekers on Facebook as well. There’s a Facebook group, as well, and you can apply for membership, but Mambo LaReina has to actually make the call on adding you to the group- so be patient. You can find it here:

The Mystic Seekers have just celebrated their One-Year Anniversary. Go check them out and show some support!