Using a set series of correlations among planets, elements, days of the weeks, and Greek deities, I’ve been meditating the past few weeks to draw energy into myself and prepare myself to really dive into the study of magic.

So far, the interesting thing about these meditations is that several of the designated deities didn’t “show up” in the meditation- instead,¬†other deities¬†appeared.

This began with Selene not showing up for Monday but instead an image and imagery of Persephone.

Tuesday continued with Ares not being present but Hades.

Wednesdays, Hermes is definitely strong; so with Zeus on Thursdays and Aphrodite on Fridays.

Then, tonight (a Saturday), meant for Cronus…Hecate shows up. She especially seems interested in me. Hecate and Thanatos alike.

This is an interesting path I’ve taken. I’m looking forward to the Full Moon.