Because Gnostics, unlike some people of other denominations, don’t hold that the Scriptures are Absolute Pronouncements from God. That doesn’t mean that Scriptures are not divinely inspired, but it also doesn’t mean that many books and poems are not divinely inspired. Rather, the freedom to interpret things from various sources as divinely inspired and the ability to celebrate with great gusto and freedom the Presence of God in the world.

There are Gnostic Scriptures, for instance, which condemn homosexuality. But a rational, thinking Gnostic today doesn’t have to subscribe to such a belief, which reflects the author’s prejudice more so than Divine Inspiration.

Experience is the guide par excellence,

These are just some thoughts that I have. I’m continuously filled with gratitude to God for the ability to explore and embrace reality instead of trying to slice myself off, isolate myself from this or that, or be worried that what I think may be condemned by a moral authority who is trapped in his own mind and so far away from anything practical in reality.