The chakra system so popular in Eastern religion makes a good deal of sense to me, yet the information we have on it is limited largely to a rehashed system that may or may not be accurate.

In fact, the more I work with my own chakras, the more I see how books on the subject have simply copied from other books and have nothing to do with someone’s experiencing the reality for themselves. 

Instead of somehow getting sidetracked, I think that it’s probably best for me to actually talk about what I need to talk about. 

The phrase “It’s in my nature to…” can be taken many ways, and it could mean anything from an instinctual personality characteristic to some kind of social conditioning of one’s personality. 

That being said, it’s in my nature to be critical. I’m a highly critical person with an eye for detail and botched details. In some cases, imperfections actually create more “character” in something, but that is not my point.

My root chakra, which is located in the area of the male body of the prostate gland, has a kind of addiction to self-judging and an aversion to forgiveness. One cannot expect God to forgive you or not judge you if you cannot first forgive or at the very least cease judging yourself. 

Why I judge myself could come from any number of reasons, but the apparently psychological masochism that comes along with the judging is something to be avoided or corrected. I like attacking and hurting myself, and as my fiance once said, “I’m addicted to feeling sorry for myself.” He later corrected himself and said that I’m addicted to being down on myself, to putting myself down, and that’s absolutely true.

So I have to correct this. The sense that comes with not judging myself is that I won’t need to judge others, either, and I can see a freedom on the other side of this psychological complex. 

The chakra system seems to largely be interwoven into itself. The more the energy is released from the root chakra, the more my heart and other malfunctioning chakras seems to loosen up. The pressure, the pain, the intensity lessens. I think that if awakening my root chakra is actually the solution to theosis, I’m going to be able to more easily see the big cosmic joke that God plays on everyone.