Problematic to our attempts at mysticism and spirituality are the sheer number of presuppositions into which we walk whenever encountering one system or another. This goes without saying and likely causes the vast majority of problems for so-called “true seekers,” a category into which I and many of my mystic friends could find ourselves.

The notion that the Earth is our Mother and is spoken of in the feminine pervades New Age thought to a high degree. But no one ever stops to question this or second-guess it; the notion that the immanent must by necessity be feminine goes without saying.

My experience with immanence and the Earth is different.

In fact, the experience which led me back around to Christianity came from identifying Christ with the Pagan God of Nature; understanding that Christ has long represented the four seasons and the Body was of particular interest to me.

Tonight, this experience returned to me, and I can only describe the experience as that of the Earth Father. That is not to say that perhaps a feminine aspect will not later be revealed, or that there is no Earth Mother; but specifically, the Earth Father, who seems so often neglected (at least in the literature) is the experience I’ve had.

To this I can say I know a number of beautiful men who, perhaps unknowingly, embody that character of the Earth Father- men who are peaceful and beautiful and searching for Truth, and I have seen them; they in fact exist, and perhaps one might call them hippies or mystics or philosophers of the modern age, but I call them Brothers of Light, for they are unlike the men I have known in my world but are not categorically effeminate or feminine in the way that some men are.

At this point, my relationship with Christ and that Archetype is somewhat damaged, because I began to see Christ in terms of an orthodoxy instead of on his own terms. In his own terms, Christ is the Earth Father, and Christ’s Body and Blood are infinitely more precious than we can gather. Christ, certainly, could be said to be the Earth, though this idea would probably disturb many orthodox-minded Christians as well as any number of New Agers and mystics.

The difference is that this was revealed to me, not to anyone else; this revelation did not come by means of men’s mouths, but by my own experience. The insight simply appeared, as so often it does, and for that, I am grateful, so eternally grateful.

Carl Jung, however, did not take a kind view on those men who experience the Divine Feminine in terms of Transcendence and went to so far as to deem it pathological. The Divine Feminine, however, was revealed to me briefly in the form of Aphrodite Urania, once and only once, for she is the patron goddess of gay love, with her son Eros Urania being the patron god of gay love. This whole matter of the archetypes dealing specifically with same-sex love is incredibly important to me, for it points to something that is closer to the truth than the ridiculous established orthodoxies of so many organized religions.

But I cannot say that the Divine Feminine has been specifically and wholly transcendent in nature, though that experience of Aphrodite Urania indeed was.

Ah, such mysteries.

So here we go, pressing further into the mysteries and seeing what exists there. Mostly this happens on a backdrop of some kind of great emptiness, and that’s fine. The veil of God shall be pierced, and the Truth revealed, once and for all and to each and every man, woman, and child.

Go forth, my brothers and sisters, for the time is now.