I may get letters for this entry, too, but I’m posting it anyway.

It’s quite possible that, during the course of humanity, we’ve developed completely wrong mental “maps” of how things work.

That’s okay, though.

This is the way I am currently conceiving of things, and I have to explain it in such a way as is in accordance with my own experience. Some of the terminology came while in the process of Contemplative Prayer, and I’ll have to work to adjust it accordingly; please try to bear with me.

Continuing on with my concept of “veils” that I posted yesterday, today, while contemplating (or meditating), I had the sense that reality is structured in this way: our own sense of self or ego works as a veil that keeps us separated from the world around us but also from the true nature of our body.

The true nature of our body and the true nature of reality are both occluded.

But then our body, too, is a kind of veil, veiling us from what I call our Big Body. Now, of course, the issue that I can’t explain here is how one knows that one has a body larger than one at this time, yet in the contemplative prayer, I could very well see it. This may be the very “spiritual body” mentioned in Christianity.

The Big Body, then, is the veil between us and the Body of Christ, and Christ is the veil between our Big Body and the Father.

Now, I should point out a few things; I am indeed suggesting that we have no spirit or soul that “pops out” when we die. But I am not suggesting that we therefore have no continuity after the apparent death of our body; rather, I am stating that the death of our body is the falling away of a veil to reveal something even more real.

The big issue that arises at this point comes up to the notion of various supernatural entities and spirits and so forth, and how they could possibly exist. I am not suggesting non-corporeal entities don’t exist, either; I’m simply saying, humans are not that kind of entity or creature. We’re something eternal and substantial.

But then, I could be wrong about all this. Something about it seems so unique, so right, so fresh, that I can’t help but be excited that I’ve somewhat haphazardly stumbled upon this little gem.

The experience of the “Big Body” as I’m temporarily calling it is an experience of absolute confidence and absolute security. One is HELD, one is KEPT, one is CONTENT, and one may also be said to be FREE.

Perhaps the “Big Body” experience is what is meant by the “Higher Self.” But this doesn’t feel like ethereal or wispy, and maybe it all comes around to my sense of being mistaken about what others have meant by “Higher Self” all this time.

It’s quite possible I’m the one who got it all wrong and now am seeing what was really meant.

More later.