An Idea to Kick Around

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The unfortunate aspect of blogging is that blogs that aren’t just random journal entries have to have a certain kind of theme and focus in order to be more successful.

Holy Poached Eggs initially worked as a sort of catch-all for everything but had a theme of Southern Food. Because my religious writings and ramblings needed an outlet, I produced Craving Aletheia.

Needless to say, Craving Aletheia isn’t exactly established in the same way as Holy Poached Eggs is. I did take a break on HPE earlier in the year because I was going through a rough emotional patch and kind of plunged into one of the darkest levels of my life that I’ve ever seen, but then I decided to bounce back and really put myself into my writing.

After all, I am a writer. This is what I do. This is what I love. This is what I know how to do, this is what I’m good at.

I know I ended that sentence with a preposition, but the technicality in the English language is that you can end sentences with prepositions so long as it doesn’t conflict with the overall flow of the sentence.

The point of it was this: Holy Poached Eggs gets views every day. Not very many views, given, and when I have thirty people viewing it and get two comments, I’m ready to break open a big keg of root beer and celebrate and dance around the room like a drunken person even though I don’t really drink. Craving Alethia doesn’t get nearly so many views, but it exists out of necessity, and typically the people who are interested in mysticism and spirituality in the way I am are bound to search out and find it anyway. And I can live with that.

The question is whether or not I should start a third blog, a blog dedicated to mundane life experiences that exist outside of cooking and outside of spirituality.

Of course, some smart-ass will naturally jump in at this point and try to point out how the mundane and the spiritual aren’t necessarily separate or something along those lines and try to be all “I r Zen Buddhisting” on me, but let me just go ahead and point out that I’m well aware of that fact and am just trying to express things in terms of, “Be that as it may, most people don’t have a conversation with Jesus fully appearing to them on a daily basis,” and allow that to solve the matter.

Having a third blog, in a way, seems superfluous. Two blogs are already a lot to handle, in addition to any other writing that I’m doing (and believe me, I’m doing a lot this year- 2011 is the Year of Writing for me. I WILL write, I AM WRITING!), and my blogs aren’t technically even as great as they could be. I blame that on the lack of a decent camera and a lack of the best kinds of resources, but I won’t worry about it for now.

I have good comrades who have given me a lot of advice (thanks, Logan) and I know that there’s a specific audience that will understand from where I’m coming in the midst of my ramblings, people who are naturally gifted with the ability to extricate from my tangle and mess of words precisely what I’m trying to give to them.

Whether or not I’ll actually begin a third blog is still up in the air. I definitely don’t plan to make it a resolution for the new year. In fact, I haven’t made any full-blown resolutions this year, though I thought about giving up sugar. This may not be the best idea, though, because writing a food blog actually kind of requires that I cook and eat things, and I know sugar isn’t everything, but I’m writing about Southern food, and we do use a lot of sugar and grease and such.

Lately, I’ve had dreams about enlightened people. Last night I dreamed about Bernadette Roberts, and she was trying to explain to me various things about the mystic’s journey and what occurs in it. She also had a British accent and reminded me of an actress, though I can’t remember which one. I’ve also discovered that when I don’t dream much, I awaken in a rather cranky mood.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens with 2011 and the writing. I pray for inspiration, I pray for dedication, I pray for discipline to write, write, and write some more. I even took the postaday2011 challenge for WordPress. I may cheat on this and say that a post on either of my blogs counts as my post for the day.


On Being Concise/Relating to Memoirs of My Religion

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Years ago, because of the sheer voluminous amounts of reading I had to go in response to losing my religion, I came upon the tendency to write rather verbosely, such to the extent that many people questioned my age or assumed I was far older than I actually was.

In time, people came to criticize my style of writing- wordy and long-winded, saying that they “shouldn’t have to read sheer paragraphs full of words they didn’t recognize” every time I had a response or statement to make.

So I took this advice and set out to become more concise with my style of writing.

Now I realize that this was a failure as well, in that being excessively brief in writing when one needs to be painfully clear on what one means will almost always result in people misunderstanding, misinterpreting, and abusing one’s words.

Thus for my religion blog, I will certainly clarify things, I will certainly be as long-winded as I wish, and anyone who wishes to know precisely where I stand on a given issue or on matters theological or liturgical will need look no further than my written words, posted on the internet for the whole world to see; everything will be spelled out in black and white, written pristinely, and any edits or future changes in perspective based on observations, education, reason, and experience will hereto be added.

Recently, online, I have been involved in a few different debates with people I can only term as “nasty Christians.” The nature of the arguments could not really be had, as there would be too much for me to argue on my end, too much information to give them, too much to point out, and the end result would not be worth it. To argue with someone that one does not know to no real end is ultimately fruitless and, more so to the point, against my principles as a mystic.

Thus, I am torn when I see people spewing vile and wicked things, pure hate in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, whether by racism, misogyny, homophobia, fundamentalism, or any other evil that has masqueraded as “orthodoxy” and “tradition.” I feel helpless and outraged, and the need to speak out arises in me; alas, I realize it is the inner change, the Great Work and Transformation of the Soul that will ultimately cause the change I seek, not the attempt to convert others to my particular vantage point.

So, too, I am barred from responding by the sheer number of words I would need to make an accurate and appropriate response! Attempting to argue with fools is one of the most dismal feelings in the world; I would ultimately suggest to not engage in the argument at all, as your energy would be better spent cooking or writing.